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Maximize Performance

Get true performance from your high end sound system by perfecting your room’s acoustics.

Dramatic Improvements

Our treatment of the acoustics in your listening room will dramatically improve sound quality and musical involvement.

Predictable Results

Reliable and predictable results using modern techniques like 3D simulation, calibrated measurements and conventional listening skills.

Independent Solutions

AcousticMatters is professional and independent. It has in-depth knowledge of a broad range of solutions suitable for every listening experience and/or living room.

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Beautiful experience

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when a very experienced audio engineer at a well-known brand came to listen to music in our reference room. Apart from coming to listen to our acoustics, he wanted to test a prototype of a new amplifier. Doug McLeod’s ‘Beautiful Blues’ was playing when he entered the room. Before even sitting on the listening chair, he turned around in amazement saying;

“What is this?
I have never ever heard anything as real as this …”

What followed was a listening session that lasted more than 3 hours. He had never heard acoustics like these in more than 20 years of audio development work. He could not stop enjoying the music. His tears flowed as freely as the notes and musical emotions.

Many other listeners in our reference room have experienced the same unique presentation of music playback and decided to improve the acoustics in their listening rooms. Listening to music like this is a deep emotional experience that goes beyond goose bumps. Listeners often unintentionally start crying as the emotional message of music reaches them.

How we do it

Optimizing your room’s acoustics.

Besides know-how, we utilize modern techniques like advanced 3D computer simulation and calibrated measurements to  improve the sound quality of your room.

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Untreated Acoustics

Square room acoustics (Untreated)

Untreated Acoustics

Regular living room (Untreated)

Treated Acoustics

Our reference listening room (Treated)

How can we help you?

Better sound is just an e-mail away!

Using our remote service we will provide you with
the acoustic blueprint of your listening room,
studio or home theatre, and a professional report.
All remotely!


Our professional report includes:

  • A 3D acoustic simulation

  • Reverb times and Sabine Funnel

  • Sound quality and tonal behavior

  • Imaging

  • Summary of our conclusions

  • Advice on optimizing the acoustics in your room or studio

Reference Listening

Convince yourself!

You are most welcome to visit our demo listening room to experience for yourself what can be achieved with optimized acoustics.

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