“I discovered a whole new world and level of musical presentation.”

“As a discerning music lover, I spent more than 15 years acquiring high-end audio systems consisting of several brands – to mixed levels of satisfaction.

As soon as Ben van Leliveld of AcousticMatters solved the acoustical challenges in my listening room, I discovered a whole new world and level of musical presentation.

I now listen to my music at an unbelievably high level that I did not even know existed.

I strongly recommend having AcousticMatters arrange the acoustics of your listening room before bringing in your audio system. You will then get the most out of your system and music collection. Not a just a little bit, but all the way!”

Kees Maas – Amsterdam

“Full satisfaction and appreciation.”

“After many successful projects in recent years optimizing the acoustics for Chattelin Audio Systems clients, it became clear that the missing link to audio nirvana is the acoustics of living and listening rooms. Once the acoustics are right we can create the level of performance and sound of high-end audio systems that we look for in the real live environment of our clients.

The owner of AcousticMatters, Ben van Leliveld, is a passionate music lover and skilled professional who shares our passion and vision for audio systems and musical playback. We asked Ben to acoustically optimize Chattelin Audio Systems’ big listening demo room and he did this to our full satisfaction and appreciation.”

Peter Chattelin – Den Haag

“Incredible, what a difference more than I expected it to be.”

“At home I have an audio set with all high end components. However, the sound was not what I expected from it; I couldn’t get it right. I asked Ben van Leliveld of Acoustic Matters for help and I sent him the dimensions of my living room.

A Sunday afternoon he came over, listened and measured. He advised the set to be repositioned at an angle of 90 degrees to improve the acoustics. We rearranged the set and loud speakers (and consequently the rest of the interior) to the required position, with a magnificent sound as a result! Incredible, what a difference, more than I expected it to be.”


Marco – Ooltgensplaat

“I am Happy Man”

“Immediately after you finished the acoustical optimizations, I started to browse through my music collection. Just like a child in a candy store.

The music now sounded more natural, involving with ease and without strain. Also the speech intelligibility improved a lot. I almost forgot to have my dinner so involved I was with just enjoying my music.

You’ve succesfully solved the nasty tonal coloration in the mid frequencies. Something I only could dream of having this problem solved.

To speak with the famous words of the top Dutch athlete Churandy Martina (sprinter) “I am Happy Man”

My advice to everybody is to have the acoustics done before you start considering to buy new audio gear such as again a more expensive interconnect or amplifier.

It’s definitely worth it!”

Bob – The Hague

“I have now experienced what high-end sound is all about.”

Acoustics and Loudspeaker placement. Two theme’s that gave a totally different meaning to me after the work of Mr. Ben van Leliveld of Acoustic Matters.

In the past the sound quality of my system, consisting of Magico S3 speakers, CEC CD transport and bridged 2 x Devialet 400, wasn’t completely satisfying me. The bass area suffered and could be more tight. Some of the music sounded messy and with other tracks the imaging blurred.

Ben came to my home and started listening via his reference tracks. On top of that he did some measurements. First conclusions were incorrect positioning of the speakers and listening spot. Also the reverb time and acoustics of the room were not in favor of high-end music reproduction.

During this first session Ben optimized loudspeaker placement on the millimeter and also repositioned the listening couch. After hearing the first notes I was totally and pleasantly surprised. The bass sounded much tighter and faster. The musicians and their instruments were placed in a space surpassing the speakers, completely detached from the Magico’s. Voices sounded on real scale. What a difference did this make!

Following Ben’s advice I ordered acoustical devices of RTFS. During his second visit, Ben installed the RTFS devices on the proper spots. After his work was completed, I was even more stunned and amazed. With certain recordings it gave the illusion of being there right at the performance. What an experience, unbelievable! Along this there was more ease and quietness in my set. The background of musical presentation was totally ‘black’

Following the work and advices of Ben, I have experienced what is high-end sound all about.
Thank you very much Ben!

Martin – Enschede

“Compared to ‘better’ electronics, these improvements are in a complete league of their own.”

“The takeaway: this easily was the most cost effective investment I have made to improve sound quality. Bar none.
I am still completely amazed at the before-and-after differences, since Ben van Leliveld of AcousticMatters made several changes to mainly speaker position and furniture. Now to be honest, I was a bit lucky: my room happened to measure really well, so it needed less acoustic treatment than ‘usual’. But even in acoustically fortunate rooms, the positioning and furnishings can make all the difference, as I experienced. Compared to ‘better’ electronics, these improvements are in a complete league of their own.

Working with Ben has been a pleasure, from the clear and honest advice beforehand up to the end result. AcousticMatters ensures you get the most out of the highly underestimated (but complex) field of room acoustics, and I urge anyone that is serious about music to look into it. ”


Dirk van der Zwan – Leiden

“A rare and special result”

“AcousticMatters achieved a rare special result in my listening room. It is an almost empty room of 5.5 x 5 meters with just a carpet on the floor and a cabinet with open spaces for the audio gear along the whole wall. In front of the wall are the large Apogee Full range loudspeakers. So it was a challenging listening room, and not ideal as a starting point for acoustics.

While doing the baseline measurements, AcousticMatters discovered an incorrect crossover setting that caused a steep fall of mid-range frequencies. So in fact the baseline not only generated the acoustic blueprint of my room, but it spotted and corrected a major fault in my loudspeaker set-up!”


Niels – Afferden

“Precision work”

“In recent years the acoustics of my hi-fi set have been improved. It started with a measurement and simulation using an advanced software program from Accoustic Matters.

From this came a 3D drawing with the disruptive elements and surfaces in the listening room. Resulting in advice for the placement of acoustic elements and the optimal listening position.
Subsequently, the various bass-absorbing and anti-reflection elements were installed. A huge improvement in the sound.

To top this off, another great improvement as a result of Ben moving the speakers millimeter by millimeter for hours.
So that ultimately the most beautiful sound was created: a part from the speakers, a very wide image, pure and detailed.
Hats off!”


Guus – Omgeving Amsterdam

“I have never heard hi-fi sound as natural and realistic as this.”

“I am so thrilled by the work that you have done. Simply put I have never heard hi-fi sound as natural and realistic as this. It is genuinely emotional listening to music and all the things that sometimes distinguish recorded music – stress, sibilance etc – have disappeared. It is quite remarkable.

I know that people will wonder whether working with Ben van Leliveld from https://acousticmatters.nl is really necessarily but I would honestly call Ben an audio system alchemist.
Now when I listen I am totally in the room with the musicians.

This is no small achievement and I have spent far too much money and too much time trying to get there. Now with Soulution, CAD and Magico my living room with the right recording has become a concert hall, or a night club, or a studio. It is incredible!”

Paul – London, UK

“Convinced by professionalism.”

“I have known for quite a while that the correct acoustic properties of a listening environment are the most important ingredient in achieving a truly high-end sound.

However, creating these optimum conditions in a large concrete basement is a different matter. For me it has been a 4 year project with ups and downs. Initially, I consulted Ben van Leliveld (Acoustic Matters) for a second opinion.
He discovered a (large!) error in previous measurements by a different party. His 3D simulation
program predicted a reverb time within 1/10 of a second of his real life measurements.
Convinced by his professionalism, I went to work on his plan for the lay-out and treatment of the room. It even went as far as modifying the ventilation system to lower the noise floor of the room by 6 dB.

The icing on the cake was the day he spent installing the RTFS absorbers and diffusors, tuning the system and finding the correct speaker position.

The result: Astonishing. Being transported to the place where the music was created. A concert hall, a studio. Completely convincing.”

Joris – Groningen

The audio system sounds completely different ,in a very positive way. UNBELIEVABLY IMPRESSIVE!

“Detailing, tonal color, timbre, impressive and huge sound stage, emotion, realism, imaging, focus, body (at last!) etc etc etc. In general all aspects for seriously listening to music…. Wow, I must get used to this, the event is so TOTALLY different, really very special!!

My compliments, Ben. For me it is obvious that you need to have the knowledge, experience and musical skills to achieve these rare results. Expressed in one single word “INGENIOUS!!”

Otto – Leeuwarden

“Hi-fi Doctor.”

“The bass gained substance but the true changes are in the mid frequencies. Much more neutral and more substance.

Voices are now more natural and less upfront. Attacks and transients are easier to feel and hear such as plucking guitar strings.

In the general the music sounds more lifelike.

The sound of my CD’s has improved and is much more enjoyable to listen too. I must say that I don’t know where in the past I lost this quality.

Many thanks for your support and advice. You may call yourself a ‘Hifi Doctor’

Jacky – Brugge, Belgium

“Professional tuning of acoustics is the most effective and most profitable way to hear and enjoy the full potential of a competent audio system. ”

“After many years of dissatisfaction with acoustics and sound of my hifi system, I met Acoustic Matters and its founder Mr. Ben van Leliveld. He is specialized in assessing the acoustics including measurements and how to improve.

During his visit Ben assessed my room unconventional and professional, first of all by listening to reference tracks and afterwards by doing several measurements including RTA based upon a pink noise signal. The report including his conclusions was already mailed the day after. His conclusions did confirm my complaints regarding the room acoustics. However, Ben also found a major fault in my system. This was confirmed by a second visit with some special tests.

Following his advice, the room acoustics were optimized and he carefully tuned the speakers in the room. For me it was very educational to see him at work, but most importantly how effective it was in improving the sound. The end result is an unbelievable improvement of the stereo imaging, depth as well as width.

Compared to investments in audio gear such as amplifiers and cables, the professional tuning of acoustics is the most effective and most profitable way to hear and enjoy the full potential of a competent audio system.

Highly recommended and next to that, Ben is a very nice guy!”

Denis – Mijdrecht

“The end result is absolutely fantastic!”

“I was dissatisfied by the sound of my audio system and decided to ask Mr. Ben van Leliveld (Acoustic Matters) to come over. Although I tried hard to improve, the stereo imaging remained poor and bass sound was really bad.

I was lucky to get in touch with Ben, as further in the process became obvious to me.

To get the picture of my set, the main unit is the NAIM  Superunity and this is driving the rare and special omni directional speakers Duevel Enterprise.

During Ben’s visit he started listening to his well know reference tracks in order to get a clear picture of the sound quality and the acoustics. Listening for any issues with stereo imaging, tonal behavior and depth, rhythm, frequency spectrum from the lowest to the highest notes.

Immediately after listening the very first track, Ben noted major issues in the low and mid frequencies around 500Hz. The professional RTA frequency measurement proved Ben was right. It showed huge standing waves in the bass and a substantial dip between 400-500Hz.

Ben started repositioning the speakers and listening couch. While doing so listening to reference tracks again and again. After a hour or so the listening results improved to be surprisingly good and the new measurements proved the right spots were found. Mid notes now as neutral as they could be, better bass and an improved depth in the stereo image.

Following this you can indeed sum up the conclusion that acoustics and speaker placement are very critical for a satisfying end result!

Only a smaller standing wave in the mid bass does occur which will be easily solved by installing a few small block bass absorbers.

The end result is really fantastic. The only downside on my story is that I did not connect to Ben in a much earlier stage in the past because I always thought that the problems were caused by cabling and the audio electronics & speakers.

For me it is 100% clear that the acoustics your listening room and the speaker placement are both a crucial and substantial part of the final sound quality.

At Acoustic Matters you are on the right spot to successfully improve the sound of your system!”

Fonz – Vleuten